045 – Martin Moore: Chief Sales Officer bei EAO AG, Human Machine Interfaces

Martin Moore ist ein sehr erfahrener Chief Sales Officer bei der EAO AG in Olten. Er wuchs in den USA auf und studierte dort an der St. Lawrence University International Political Science & Fine Art. Seinen MBA schloss er am IMD in Lausanne ab. Martin ist mit den internationalen Herausforderungen im Marketing und Vertrieb bestens vertraut. Heute profitiert er von seinen facettenreichen Erfahrungen und setzt diese bei der EAO AG als CSO optimal ein.


A motivating director who leads international teams to success.


MBA am IMD in Lausanne

Internetressourcen und Programme

CRM Salesforce.com

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LinkedIn, EAO AG

  • Bevor wir nun genauer auf deinen Beruf eingehen, möchte ich noch wissen wie du zu diesem Job gekommen bist.

I was actively recruited by AMROP executive search…

  • Über welche Stationen bist du zu diesem Job gekommen?

I bring ca. 30 years of international B2B sales and general management experience – so it would be a long story to go into each “Station”… Some areas where I gained unique experiences in my career include:

  1. Setting up my own sales company in California directly after graduation from collage in America. I had little business exposure and this was my first “practical” MBA.
  2. I than worked abroad (outside USA) for seven years with what is now “Wacker-Neuson” in B2B sales, Business Development and sales management. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to gain my first international business exposer by serving customers and leading teams in Germany, New Zealand & Hong Kong.
  3. After this I had the pleasure of spending ten years with HILTI in General Management, and Global Leadership Positions. Here I met many fantastic team members whom I still keep close contact with until this day. From the Philippines I lead the local company through the Asia financial crises.  In the USA I hired over 110 people for our new “Shop-in-Shop” sales channel and lead it to probability within 9 months.  Later – almost 14 years ago to the day – I was promoted to the position of VP Global Retail Sales in Schaan, LI.  Here my international exposure grew exponentially and I was the point person on several strategic consulting projects.

HILTI invested a great deal in employee training and I benefited from the Cultural, Marketing, and Leadership courses.  In the end I was able to give a great deal back by facilitating training courses for new employees at the HILTI academy in Schaan, LI. This was on-top work to my daily responsibilities.

  1. I was pleased when Egon Zender contacted me for a position of CSMO in the GL at Angst-Pfister. This was an important step in my career as it combined both Sales and Marketing (the jockey & horse). In a company that was actively in vandal from techniche handle zu globala produzent. There was a great deal to do and I could bring my years of experience from processes and strategy at larger companies.  I also learned a great deal about B2B “C-Part” component sales processes and working for a family held Swiss Company. Together with the strong management team there we successfully seared the company through the Global Financial, Euro and then Swiss Franc crises to profitability.
  2. I this has prepared my exceptionally well for the responsibility that I have now for the past two years as CSO and member of GL in EAO Group.


  • Welche Weiterbildung war für dich persönlich sehr wertvoll, um den heutigen Job zu erledigen?
  1. Receiving my MBA from IMD, Lausanne was a major milestone in my career. The one year intensive full time program filled me with both theory and allowed me to practice sales, marketing, and leadership skills. This experience left me with not only a top class business education but also an invaluable network of global friends.
  2. At Hilti USA we were pioneers in the companies “Cultural Journey” and as a leader there we were taught and trained most of the books by Ken Blanchard and “Seattle Fish” philosophy to delighting customers.
  3. To keep the knife sharp I enjoy each year attending guest speakers at the IMD Alumni events and developing new sales training with external consultants
  • Nun ein paar Fragen an den Chief Sales Officer Martin Moore
    • Was begeistert dich an deinem heutigen Job?

We have a fantastic international team, a young dynamic new Group Leadership Team, and uniquely innovative product offering

  • Warum glaubst du, hat man sich genau für dich entschieden?

As KMU that is working on global scale it is important to bring a deep understanding of sales across an international breadth. We aspire to grow over-proportionally in North America and Asia. In both market I feel very much at home. At the same time you must understand the Swiss German business mentality to be successful.

  • Mit welchen Themen warst du in den ersten Monaten im Job bereits konfrontiert?

The position of CSO was for several years vacant – one of my first task was to define my role in such a way that everyone found value from it. For the MD in the country it was to provide them a louder voice in Olten to express what the market needs, and increase response times. To the team in HQ it was improved efficiency and transparency in the markets.

  • Nach welcher Zeit konntest du schon erste Erfolge feiern? Welche waren es? Within the first 100 days I began to implement several actions that immediately brought results:
  1. Consolidation of country organizations into “Regional Hubs” that brought synergies in services and significantly reduced costs
  2. Expansion of systems and value added components business to further exceed customer’s needs and keep competition out
  3. Ambitious growth “Thinking” by asking my leadership team what it would take to double their business? What resources would be required, new products, and service capabilities? Based on this we build and are now implementing business plans in fastest growing markets!
    • Wie stelle ich mir deinen typischen Arbeitstag vor?

One pleasure of my job is almost no two days are the same!  Of course there is always time blocked for phone calls and responding to emails.  I believe the “Eisenhour Matrix” of Urgent / Important and block my calendar accordingly. About 50% of my working time is out of the office – so it’s critical to be able to work effectively from remote.

  • Was zeichnet dich als CSO besonders aus?

I am very customer and „must-win“ project focused. On each conversation with my team and piers I bring actual customer project, claims, and opportunities into the conversation. My leadership style is from the Front so during my frequent market visits I request to spend time with the right customers. We also carefully track, coordinate and celebrate the winning of each big project. An autopsy is conducted on those we lost to understand what we need to improve so that we win next time.

  • Wie unterstützt dich dein Unternehmen dabei, damit du dein Potenzial entfalten und höchst erfolgreich sein kannst?

The most important thing is the „TRUST“ that is granted me by the CEO and Shareholders of the company.  We know that all major decisions will be first discussed, agreed and carries within our GL Team. I also select a diverse group of team members who bring their own bright ideas, ambitious drive and solution driven thinking.

  • Was rätst du einem Menschen der sich für deine Stelle interessiert?

If you want to be an effective CSO than you need to collect a vast amount of experience in Sales. This must include sales across multiple channels (including online), key account management, and geographies (Europe, USA, China). You must also bring a solid experance in General Management, Marketing, and Finance.  Depending on the organization it is important to have both leadership within a direct and matrix organization.

  • Nun ein paar Fragen an die Person Martin Moore
    • Kannst du jeden Tag das machen was du am besten kannst?

I certainly try to do my best at whatever task I have to do. We all have our strengths and of course I try and keep those tasks where I can add the most value and feel are most important.  As a leader I’m very sensitive about how my energy level and attitude effect the organization.  So I try every day to create an environment where people can achieve our shared goals.

  • Was glaubst du warum du auf diesem Planeten bist?

In my career I have the privilege of being a leader and try to be an example of how to live with a sense of humor, making the best out of ones circumstances, and helping people grow to their full potential.

Wie würdest du deine Berufung beschreiben?

Setting ambitouse goals, acting as motivating director to achieve those goals, and helping people grow throughout this process

  • Was willst du in den nächsten Jahren noch bewegen?

EAO has a tremendous amount of potential still for growth! We can improve people’s lives through the design of our products. The general public is in contact with one of our applications multiple times a day. Our intuitive, reliable, and innovative products improve our world.  To achieve this we must develop our employees – each individual in their own time – for if they grow to their full potential so will we all within EAO Group.

  • Was würdest dem 20 jährigen Martin aus heutiger Sicht mit auf den Weg geben wollen? A simple formula that I have learned from my practive the past 10 years of indurance sports: Stress + Relaxation = Growth (as a young person it’s not always easy to get the right ballence between the Stress & Relaxation part..)
  • Welches Programm oder Internetressource hilft dir heute deine Arbeit optimal zu gestalten?

It’s hard to imagine an efficient global company working without an effective CRM. We use Salesforce.com daily to track sales to targets, opportunities, contact management, offers, marketing campaigns, and claims.  It keep the entire sales team on the same page across the globe.  I would be lost without my outlook calendar for time management.

  • Welches Buch bzw. Hörbuch hat dich begeistert und kannst du hier gut empfehlen?

On our team everyone has read and understood Jim Collins “Good to Great”.

I also recommend Stephen Covey’s “The Speed of Trust” and Pike’s Place Fish! Philosophy.

  • Vielen Dank für die vielen inspirierenden Gedanken die du mit unseren Hörern geteilt hast. Sag mir noch bitte zum Schluss wie man Kontakt zu dir / euch herstellen kann.
  • Danke für das Gespräch.